Great News NEBL announces Resumption of Play








We have just received the following email.

To All NEBL Clubs,
Following an EGM of the NEBL Area Board on 14th November, a decision has been made to resume all NEBL Leagues.

Fixtures will take place as scheduled from today.

See notice posted on NEBL website


Secretary NEBL

So for  East Cavan Eagles this makes a busy weekend.


12:30 PM East Cavan Eagles Under 16 Girls v Streete Warriors

14:00 PM East Cavan Eagles Under 12 Girls v Streete Warriors

16:00 PM  East Cavan Eagles Under 18 Girls v Streete Warriors


12:00 PM East Cavan Eagles Under 12 Boys (Hawks) v Street Warriors

13:00 PM East Cavan Eagles Under 14 Boys v Streete Warriors

14:30 PM East Cavan Eagles Under 16 Boys v Streete Warriors

16:00 PM East Cavan Eagles Under 18 Boys v Streete Warriors

We would really love to see as many as possible to join in this weekend by supporting our teams in their local gym.

This will be a great chance to welcome our new members to the club so make sure you come down and support them in Virginia College.


NEBL Suspend League


We wish to notify all club members that we received the following notification from The NEBL (North East Basketball League) this morning.






Following a meeting of the Executive Committee tonight it has been agreed to SUSPEND all NEBL league activities until further notice. This is notice is effective immediately.

No games are to be contested until further notice.



Secretary NEBL

We delayed informing you as we had hoped that sense would prevail and games may continue this weekend, but this evening we received the following email.

To All Clubs NEBL,
Please see email correspondence from Chairman NEBL regarding the Suspension of NEBL league activities.
Secretary NEBL
Sent: Friday, November 08, 2013 7:19 AM
Subject: Suspension of League
As the agreed deadline has been reached regarding the Suspension of the League
I now inform All NEBL Clubs through you as Secretary that this suspension will remain in place until a majority decision is reached by the Board at their EGM on Thursday 14th November 2013
Brendan McCoy
Chairman NEBL
We have requested a reason for this decision but have received no response yet, as soon as we have any more information we will pass it on to you.
We have sent texts out to all members however in case if have missed out on any one please spread the  word.
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