Swim….Basketball…Swim…..Basketball…..a great weekend in Tralee

Well done to our young Under 12 boys who represented themselves, their club and their parents with great pride at the weekend in Tralee at the St. Brendan’s Basketball Tournament.

Great fun was had by all both on the swimming pool and on the basketball court.

Unfortunately the boys lost 2 of the 3 games they played (one of them b a cruel free throw shootout after the game ending all square at full time). Congratulations go to Sean for being awarded a place on the tournament’s All-Star team.

We made lots of new friends down in The Kingdom and they promise to come up and visit us for some challenge matches during the summer. We would like to thank St. Brendan’s for the invite and we look forward to making this an annual event.

It was great to see the whole squad in attendance and supported so well by their parents. Laura and myself would like to thank all the parents for their support throughout the season and for the very nice gift.

As usual there have to be some pictures so here they are.

Once again thank you all.

Revised Fixtures for St. Brendan’s Under 12 Tournament



Tournament Rules
1.Games 5 min qtrs
2.All Shot Clock Violations in play.
3.Min 10 players to a team.. All players on sheet must play min of 1 qtr max 3 qtrs..
4.No Zone Defence.
5.Press allowed for last 2mins of last qtr.
6.Tie group games decided by free throws.. Semi Final and Final decided by 2mins overtime
7.All entries payable to Fergal O Sullivan, The Castle Bar, Rock St, Tralee, Co Kerry. €100
8.€2 charge will be on the door of each Hall.. For players coaches parents etc
Saturday 22nd March 2014
Group A                            Group B                           Group C                               Group D
St Brendans 1                 St Bridgits                       St Marys                              Guneevguilla
St Pauls 2                        St Pauls 1                         Tralee Imperials               Tralee Tigers
Team Kerry                    St Brendans 2                KCYMS                                East Cavan Eagles
9am St Brendans 1 vs St Pauls 2
9.40 St Bridgits vs St Pauls 1
10.20 St Marys vs Tralee Imperials
11am Guneevguilla vs Tralee Tigers
11.40 St Brendans 1 vs Team Kerry
12.20 St Bridgits vs St Brendans 2
1pm St Marys vs KCYMS
1.40 Guneevguilla vs East Cavan Eagles
2.20 St Pauls 2 vs Team Kerry
3pm St Pauls 1 vs St Brendans 2
3.40 Tralee Imperials vs KCYMS
4.20 Tralee Tigers vs East Cavan Eagles
Tralee Town Basketball Inter-Firm Semi Finals and Final (charles and dell refs) 10mins a half
6pm The Castle Bar vs Nomads
6.45 Solar Panel Panel vs Tralee General Hospital
7.30 3 point Shootout
8pm K-9 Cabs Inter-Firm Final (12mins a half)
Sunday 23rd Qtr Finals
9am Winner (a) vs Runner-up (b) G1
9.45 Winner (b) vs Runner-up (a) G2
10.30 Winner (c) vs Runner-up (d) G3
11.15 Winner (d) vs Runner-up (c) G4
12.30 Winner G1 vs Winner G2
1.15 Winner G3 vs Winner G4
12 All-Star awards & U-10 Game during break
2.45 Final (full game 7mins per qtr)



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